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Find the perfect escape from everything at one of the best hotels in the Northeast India when you stay at,
Muscatel Hotels & Resorts

Nestled amidst the verdant and thriving hillside region, Muscatel transports you to charming hotels, enveloped by lush greenery and stark mountainous terrain, where you can find yourself again.

Enjoy an escape from reality at one of the best boutique hotel chains in Northeast India that offers panoramic views, stunning aesthetics, lush comforts, modern amenities and unique experiences. Relax, refresh and reconnect with nature right here at Muscatel Hotels & Resorts.

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This is the story of how two partners stepped out from their corporate comfort zones and into the hospitality world to pursue their passion. Their combined 35 years of travel, expertise and cultural knowledge from across Asia helped curate these blissful experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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And that led to Muscatel Hotels & Resorts.

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Muscatel Values

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The name Muscatel comes from the bold, sweet yet sought-after flavour and fragrance of second flush Darjeeling teas. Inspired by their namesake, Muscatel is a rare treasure that helps craft experiences and memories for you and your family. Each property has been carefully restored, mindful of its glorious history and serene environment, so guests can enjoy a memorable stay.

Come get pampered and discover the magic of Muscatel hospitality.

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Happy Guests










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Trust and Quality are Our Core Values

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Partner with
Muscatel Hotels & Resorts

Muscatel Hotels & Resorts keeps the local cities' essence unaltered in our chain of hotels and strives to offer the best hospitality and experience the place has to offer.

To become a partner, please write to us at

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An experiential stay
at our holiday resorts

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